How to Clean a Gas Stovetop

You cook on your stovetop every day, so it is natural that the stovetop gets messy if you don’t clean it regularly. You probably often clean your countertops, but neglect cleaning the stovetop. In fact, with only a few simple steps, you can remove stains and grease on it and your stove will look brand-new and perform well.

1) Ensure your safety

Before starting to clean the stovetop, you should check the gas appliance first, making sure it is not hot and that the control knobs are off. If there is a control lock on our gas appliance, check it first. Before taking the burner guards off and cleaning your stovetop, ensure that the gas is powered off.

2) Take off the stove parts

To clean easily, you should take off the stove parts, including the stove grates, the burner caps and the burners. Check if there are loose food particles around the stove grates. Then take off the burners and the small caps around your them. Put these parts on a dish towel and leave them alone. You will clean them a moment later.

3) Soak the parts with a dish detergent

Put the stove grates in a basin and soak them with a degreaser or a dish detergent for at least 15 minutes. During that period of time, clean your stove surface.

4) Degrease the stovetop

Spray the same degreaser to your stovetop heavily. Leave it alone so that the greasy buildup will soak completely. Scrub the bits stuck to the surface with a brush. Then wipe off all of the grease and grime with a paper towel. If there is much greasy buildup on your stove, apply some more degreaser and scrub it again and again. Don’t finish until there isn’t any oil or grit on your paper towel.

5) Clean the stuff hard to reach

For the stuff hard to reach with your hands, use an old toothbrush to scrub it away. Reach your brush to the corners and around the igniters. Add some degreaser to the brush to loosen any grime.

If there are stuff stuck themselves to the surface forever, use a razor blade to peel up the grime. Take your time to break up the surface of the burned bits so that you can scrub the clean with the degreaser.

6) Polish everything

Once everything is done, wipe off the excess degreaser with a paper towel. Then give wipe down everything for the last time.

7) Clean those parts you removed

As your stove grates have been soaked completely in the degreaser, wash them with hot water to remove the majority of the grease. Then use a nylon brush with some degreaser to scrub the grates and burner caps.

To clean the burners, wash them in hot water and scrub them gently with your nylon brush. To avoid clogs or ignition problems, don’t use aggressive cleaners or solvents to clean them as they contact with the stove’s gas outlets.

After finishing all of these jobs, dry your stove parts. Then reassemble your stove and it is done.