How to Get Rid of Indoor Gnats

It is hard to get rid of gnats because they reproduce quickly and are always in huge numbers. It is also tricky to find where they are from. Luckily, they do almost no harm to people despite the fact that they are annoying.

Some pests you see in your life, including drain flies, biting gnats and mosquitoes, are not gnats, and to remove them you need to take different methods. But whatever the method you take, the most crucial thing is to keep your house as clean as possible. As soon as you have cleaned up the source or breeding site of the pest, you will solve the problem.

Due to the fast reproduction of gnats and the large numbers of them, you may need to take various measures to deal with them.

1) Make a trap

Mix some apple cider vinegar, soap and a little sugar together. Put the mixture in a small saucer and place it near the areas where gnats occur. If the number of gnats is large, you can use several saucers. After smelling the mixture, the gnats will come around. Then they will contact it and get trapped on it. You can try this method for many times and the gnats will be gone finally.

2) Use sticky flypaper ribbons

You can hang sticky flypaper ribbons in the areas where gnats usually haunt. They will be trapped onto the ribbons as soon as they touch them. But sticky flypaper ribbons also trap beneficial creatures, so you should be careful about the areas you choose.

3) Clean drains thoroughly

Drains are areas where gnats often occur, so it is effective to clean drains thoroughly. Pour about 200ml of bleach with about 1000ml of water down your drain. Then pour a lot of hot water to wash the drain clean. There are also some pest control products to clean drains.  To make the best of them, read the instructions before using them.

4) Make a fruit trap

Get a bowl ready, or find a bottle and cut the upper part off the bottle. Put an overripe apple or banana in the bowl or the bottle, and cover it with plastic wrap. Then make some holes in the plastic wrap. Gnats will be attracted to the bowl or the bottle. After entering it, they will be trapped and you can get rid of them soon.

5) Use red wine

If you have red wine, pour a little into a bottle and put it near the drain in your kitchen. Gnats will be attracted to it. Some of them will crawl inside, and you can get rid of them.

6) Make a kind of spray yourself

Mix about 200ml of water, 200ml of isopropyl alcohol, and 15ml of dish liquid together. Then put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray to the gnats as soon as you spot them and they will be killed by the spray.

7) Make another kind of spray

Put some dish soap, baking soda, vinegar and baking soda together. Fill them in a spray bottle along with some water. Spray to the areas where gnats often haunt, including plants and bathrooms. The gnats will lose their lives after touching the spray.

8) Ask for help from professionals

If you have tried various means, but still there are gnats haunting around, it is best for you to refer to professionals. They are experienced in killing pests and will be a great help to you.