Top 6 Plants for an Organic Garden

It is beneficial to eat organic foods, including decreasing the intake of pesticides and protecting the environment. But whenever you are shopping at the supermarket, you will find that organic foods are twice or even three times the price of ordinary foods. Luckily, there’s a perfect way to eat your delicious, fresh organic foods and have fun at the same time: grow organic plants in your garden.

Here are a few organic plants for you to grow in your garden:

1) Asparagus 

Asparagus can live for over 30 years, which is an outstanding quality among all vegetables. It can keep its flavor after being cooked in various ways, including baking, boiling, grilling, or frying.

2) Garlic

There are some advantages over other vegetables for growing garlic. After planting, you don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining it. The vegetable only takes up a little space in a garden. It grows fast in the ground. Most people grow it every year, but if you leave the small plants without harvesting, they will regrow every year.

3) American agave

American agave is excellent for you to grow if your garden is low in water. It grows fast under the partial sun, while it grows average in dry soil. With swordlike leaves and jagged leaf margins, it can grow to six feet in height and width.

4) Indeterminate tomatoes

Indeterminate tomatoes are a plant that has no set limit and that has an undetermined size. The vines keep growing and producing new fruit all along them until frost. They turn into large, vining plants finally.

5) Swiss chard

Swiss chard is also known as chard. Its leaves are big, fleshy, tender and are deep-green in color, while its stalks are crisp. Swiss chard looks similar to spinach, but they have no relationship. Swiss chard has a stronger, more assertive flavor than spinach.

To cook for a dish, you should be noted that the stems need a longer time to be cooked than the leaves, as they are firmer. So after washing them, cut the stalks off the leaves. The ribs on on older leaves should also be cut out too.

6) ‘Scotch Bonnet’

‘Scotch Bonnet’ is a type of pepper. Its fruit is wrinkled and about two inches in diameter. The pepper needs to be planted where there is fun sun and the soil is moist and drains well. The fruit is edible when it is green, and as it ripens, its flavor and heat will be intense. It can be used to make salsa and jerk sauces. As the fruit is hot, you should wear gloves.