How to Build a Cedar Birdhouse

It is an economic way to make a birdhouse out of an old yet good-shaped fence. You just need to spend very little money and follow some easy steps. Then you can turn a cedar fence panel into a distinguished birdhouse. Cedar is a kind of wood that does no harm to wildlife, so you are advised to use this kind of wood.

1) Cut some pieces for different parts of the birdhouse

Get a miter saw or a circular saw ready first. First, for the back and sides, you should cut three pieces of wood, each of them being 8-1/2″. Then cut a piece for the front with the size of 6-1/2″, a piece for the roof with the size of 8-1/4″, and a piece for the bottom with the size of 6-3/4″.

2) Cut side pieces of wood

Use a miter saw to cut the top of the two pieces of side wood at an angle of about 20°. Thus the two pieces of side wood will match the height of the front piece of wood.

3) Drill an opening for birds

To avoid damaging the wood and the table, put a scrap piece of wood underneath the front piece, and put them on a table. Then drill an opening of 1″ on the wood, at about 4″ from the top.

4) Cut a wooden dowel

Drill a hole of 5/16″ below the opening. Then cut a wooden dowel of about 2″ in the same diameter with the hole and put it into the hole. Glue the wooden dowel with wood glue. Thus birds can perch on it.

5) Assemble the birdhouse

First, glue the front wood to the sides. Then nail on the back of the wood. Last, attach the bottom wood. Thus the birdhouse has been assembled.

6) Install hinges on the roof

Install two hinges on the roof. This move aims to clean the birdhouse easily when it is dirty.

7) Install the birdhouse onto the fence

Drill a 5/16″ hole on the back side, and install the birdhouse onto the fence. To make it more appealing, you are supposed to make different shapes and sizes.