How to Build a Comfortable Cat House

Are you planning to build a place for your furbaby to curl up and relax? A comfortable cat house may be just the right one. It is not so difficult to DIY a cat house as long as you follow these steps.

1) Choose and cut the wood

Keep in mind: never choose chemical or toxic wood for your pets. It may make them sick. Check the wood carefully and read the instructions before making an order. After buying the wood, cut the wood into six pieces with a circular saw.

2) Build a box

Hold the bottom wood and a side piece of wood together at a vertical angle. Glue them together with wood glue. Attach the two pieces firmly together with a brad nail gun. Then do the same with other side pieces of wood. Finally, make a box by covering the top piece of wood.

3) Drill a hole for your cat

Drill a hole on the front piece of wood. Make sure the hole is big enough for your cat to come in and out. Use clamps to hold the wood tightly, to prevent the box from breaking up. Sand the hole to ensure it is smooth and won’t hurt your cat. 

4) Attach the front

Turn the front of the box on top. Glue the edges with wood glue. Make every corner of the box even and nail them tightly.

5) Attach the back

The back of the box can be opened when necessary, so it will be convenient to install a hook and staple latch onto the back. Then use hinges to attach the back of the box to the whole box firmly. Install a leather pull, so it will be simple to open and close the back of the box.

6) Paint the box

If you like, paint the box in your favorite color. The color should coordinate with your room. Note that you should choose environment-friendly paint.

7) Decorate the box

Put a comfortable blanket or cushion into the box, so that your cat will have a crash on it as soon as he or she sees it.