How to Grow Rice

Rice is a kind of food that people eat every day all over the world. Although it is not easy for homeowners to process rice for food, it is easy for them to grow rice in the garden. Furthermore, rice can not only become an ornament in the garden, but it also can grow around your house, making the best of your limited-sized home.

People usually think that rice only grows in flooded areas, but it is not the case. It does not matter if rice’s roots stay wet or dry, but it is good for rice plants to grow fast in flood and drain. When there is flood in the rice fields, the weed is depressed to grow.

You may not want your garden to be flooded, but you can grow some rice in a low-lying area, which helps collect water for rice.

If you are a first-timer, do not buy rice seeds in the supermarket or grocery store, as the rice there has been processed and won’t germinate at all. Choose suppliers that offer rice for home gardeners.

If you are a first-timer, you can also plant rice in containers, which is much easier that in the field.

Intend to grow rice in containers? Follow these steps and you can do it.

If you intend to grow rice in the spring, wait until there is no frost. Get a container, some rice seeds and compost ready in advance.

Put some compost into the container, with only 3-5 cm left from the top of the container.

Put some seeds in the container and cover the seeds with some more compost.

Then water the soil thoroughly. Do not stop water until all the soil is damp.

Water the soil constantly to keep it damp. Rice intakes a lot of water every day, so do not forget to water it.

If you can get fish emulsion fertilizer, apply some to the soil once a month.

About a week later or so, the rice seeds will germinate. If it is hot, they will germinate sooner.

Rice plants start to put out seed heads at the end of summer. The seeds set and ripen in a month or so.