How to Plant and Grow Watermelon

Juicy watermelon is one of the most popular fruits in the hot summertime. Watermelon can only grow well in warm temperatures and it needs a long time to ripen.

Want to grow watermelons in your garden so you can enjoy them at your will? This article tells about the tips of planting, growing and caring for watermelons.

1) When you should plant watermelon

If you live in an area with cool climates, the growing season is short for watermelon. You can plant watermelon indoors 15-20 days before the ending of frost. Then transplant seedlings into your garden when the temperature of the soil reaches 18°C.

If you live in an area with warm climates, the growing season is long for watermelon. You can plant watermelon in the garden directly about 10 days after the ending of frost.

Watermelon ripens between 70 and 100 days after being planted, so be patient while waiting.

2) Where and how you should plant watermelon

Good drainage is essential for the growth of watermelon, so it’s best to choose a spot with a slope. Keep each plant about 60 cm apart. The vines will cover a big area, so if you’re planting in rows, keep about 1.8 m apart between each row.

Before planting watermelon, loosen and drain the soil and apply some compost to it. When the vines grow big, they need plenty of nutrients. Furthermore, rich soil is essential for your melons to be sweet and delicious.

3) Caring for watermelon plants

When the plants are growing fast, apply some mulch around them. Thus weeds will be restrained and the soil will be damp, which are good for the growth of the plants.

Water the melons once or twice a week as they need a lot of water. But don’t water too much. Additionally, water the base instead of the leaves in the early morning, to avoid yellow or dead leaves.

There are male and female flowers on the vines of the same plant. The male flowers will fall off, while the female flowers will stay on the vine and turn into fruit. So don’t worry when you see some flowers falling off.

When the melons grow up, only water them half the amount you watered before, because the fruits will be less tasty if there is too much water. When you are about to harvest watermelons, stop watering them. They don’t need water any more.

When the fruits are about to ripen, lift up them gently and put straw underneath them, to avoid rotting.