How to Replace a Window

It will be a major job for you to replace a window if your house has been built for over 10 years, especially if there is only a single pane of glass. It not only raises your utility bills, but also makes the whole house less appealing. As it is a big job to replace all the windows in your home, you can replace one of them in a day.

1) Preparations

Start by finding a window that fits your space. Every window is different in size, so you should measure your window first and find one that fits your space. There are also some custom windows, but they are expensive and should be ordered in advance.

While measuring the frame dimensions of your window, write down what you need to replace. As vertical and horizontal windows have different functions and can’t be replaced with each other, you should learn about the type of your windows.

2) Get rid of the old window

After buying the window, you can remove the old one now. First, use a hammer and flat bar to remove all materials, including flashings, trims and brick moldings. Second, to remove the window, use a flat bar to pry at the nail points. Be careful when you do this to avoid danger as well as damage to the frame. When the window gets released, take it out of the frame carefully. Third, check the frame to see if it is solid enough to install the new window.

In the event that your new window doesn’t fit, you may need to reinstall these materials until you find a window that works. In many cases, the surrounding materials can be recycled, as long as they are in good shape.

3) Install the new window

First, fix the window frame into the opening. If necessary, check if the window is level and plumb with a level. If not, put some wooden shims around the frame to make sure the frame is in the right position. Once the window is positioned well, use screws to strengthen the flange. Second, put the sashes in place again. Check if the window is in good function. If not, you have to remove the screws and adjust the shims one by one. Third, use expanding foam to insulate gaps and use silicone to seal small cracks.

4) Install the exterior trim

You can buy new materials of exterior trim or recycle them from the old window, depending on your own circumstances. Then install the exterior trim now. Afterward, apply exterior-grade silicone around the trim. This act is to avoid moisture and pests. Note that you should not obstruct the weep holes.

5) Install the interior trim

As you have removed the interior trim to remove the old window, it is time to install the interior trim. Then use siliconized latex caulk to caulk the interior trim. Wait until the caulk is dry. Then your new window is installed completely and you can enjoy the sunshine coming through the new window now!