How to Clean a Child’s Car Seat

After being used for several months or even years, children’s car seats absorb moisture from sweat, diaper leak or drink. There are also hidden cereal bits in every seam and crevice.

It is hard to keep a car seat clean. It is crucial to manage the debris and tackle stains and to keep mold and mildew away. The car seats also last longer if they are cleaned regularly.

In this article we talk about tips for regular cleanings and solutions for repairing car seat.

Note that only clean the car seat straps and harness and don’t soak the whole of the cart seat. If not, the fibers will be weakened.

If there is baby shampoo in your home, choose it to clean your car seat. It is effective and environment-friendly.

While doing the drying process, use a towel, a rag or a paper towel. They can absorb moisture from car seat foam and get rid of most of the moisture.

1) Spot cleaning

With the help of a small vacuum, you will collect crumbs and dust easily between the seams, underneath the car seat and around the buckles.

Put a little baby shampoo in the warm water. Then use a sponge or cloth to dip the mixture and gently blot stains and dirt. Afterward, clean the surface and absorb moisture with a dry absorbent cloth. An old toothbrush is more effective at cleaning stains and dirt, so you can also use it to clean the car seat.

2) Deep cleaning

Most car seats use fabric covers made of nylon and polyester. The covers are durable, breathable and porous, so that they can hold a lot of liquid.

Some car seat covers can be removed easily and are simple to wash and dry, while other car seat covers are difficult to remove and are troublesome to wash and dry. Follow these steps and you will wash the cat seat clean:

First, take the car seat off the car.

Second, use a vacuum to clean every part of the seat, including the nooks and crannies. Then use the vacuum to clean the area beneath the car seat in your car.

Third, apply baby shampoo all over the car seat. Use a brush to scrub the seat thoroughly.

Fourth, if necessary, use a hose to spray on the fibrous foam and plastic construction, in a bid to remove crumbs and dust. If you can remove the padded seat cover, it can be cleaned thoroughly.

Fifth, hang them on and when they are dry, reassemble the parts and then install your car seat.