How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling

Indoor plants have been popular among citizens. They are appealing to people and can reduce stress. Furthermore, they can save space and protect plants from being hurt. To ensure safety when plants from the ceiling, it is necessary for you to learn about some tips in advance.

1) Water and weigh your plant

To know about the accurate weight of your plant to be hanged, first water it in the container and then weigh it. The act aims to assure that your watered plant with the container can be safely hanged from the ceiling.

2) Know about the light your plant needs

Know about how much light your plant needs before choosing a location to hang it. Whether it likes direct light or indirect light, or even very little light, you should be clear about it and then find a suitable location.

3) Check the spot you chose

After finding a suitable spot, use a pencil to mark the ceiling at the location. Check the sport you chose with a stud finder if it is on a stud or is hollow drywall. This will determine how you hang the plant.

4) Drill a pilot hole

You can find swag hooks for hanging items in home improvement stores. Choose a swag hook whose weight capacity is bigger than the weight of your watered plant. It is time to drill a pilot hole into the ceiling. If there is wood in the ceiling, choose the pointed screw tip. Afterward, screw in the swag hook.

5) Hang in drywall

If there is no wood in the ceiling, choose the hardware in the kit used to hang into drywall. Note that you must not use plastic drywall mounts, which can’t sustain the plant when they are used vertically. Then determine the size drill bit you need, so that the toggle will feed through the hole. Drill the hole again to expand it.

Afterward, press the wings of the toggle and push it into the hole.

6) Hang your plant

Hang your plant to the ceiling hooks. If you want to lower your plants, put a chain or a couple of S-hooks to extend the plant down.

7) Show off your plant

All is done and you can show your plant to your family or friends now.