How to Make a Tie-Dye Shower Curtain

The effect created by hand-dyed fabric can never be compared. Want to make a shower curtain yourself? Follow these steps and you will find it is so easy to get such great results.

1) Preparations

Cover your table with a plastic tarp first, and then fill the plastic tub with water. Put your shower curtain into the tub.

2) Squeeze and hold the curtain together

After the shower curtain has been dampened in the tub, spread it onto the table. Then pull the bottom of the curtain inward. Squeeze the curtain together to make the bottom meet the top gradually. As soon as it is squeezed together, use rubber bands to hold the curtain together, looking like a pizza pie. It is best to use enough rubber bands, to make sure the curtain is bound tightly.

3) Mix the liquid dye with salt and water

Read the instructions to the liquid dye and follow them step by step. First put about 10g of salt into an empty squeeze bottle. Then put about 40g of liquid dye color in the bottle. Afterward, put more dye in it so that dark colors will get darker and light colors will get lighter. Finally, fill the bottle with a cup of hot water and mix the dye completely.

4) Tie-dye the curtain

Put on rubber gloves again. Put the curtain on a grill rack, so that the excess dye will fall down. Then put the tie-dye mixture to the curtain. After covering one side, turn the curtain over and do it on the other side. Afterward, put the curtain in a plastic bag so that it will remain damp. Put the curtain in a place where it won’t be touched for a whole day or more. Note that if you want to get more vibrant colors, you should let the curtain sit for a longer time.

5) Remove the plastic from the curtain

After a whole day or more, remove the plastic from the curtain. Put the curtain in the sink and then spread some water and vinegar to the curtain. The amount of water and vinegar should be the same in amount, so that the colors absorb well. Then take the rubber bands off and rinse the curtain with water. When rinsing water becomes clear, it means the curtain is comparatively clean. Next, put the curtain and an old towel in the washing machine and start the washing machine to wash any extra dye away.

6) Hang the curtain up and dry it

After it is washed, hang the curtain up. When it is dry, hang it on your window. Wow! The new curtain is so beautiful, making your room more comfortable.