How to Unclog a Toilet

It is annoying when you go to the toilet in the morning only to find that the toilet is clogged, and that it happens occasionally. But it doesn’t help until you learn how to unclog it and do it right now. Actually, it is not so hard as you thought to unclog a toilet. What you need to do is just follow a few steps.

Before starting your job, get some tools ready, including a plunger, an auger and rubber o-rings. Then follow the steps below.

1) To stop water from entering the bowl, turn off the water supply at the bottom of the toilet and then push the flapper down.

2) Use a plunger to unclog the toilet

It is easy to use a plunger to unclog the toilet. Put the plunger onto the bowl, covering the whole of it. Then push it down and pull it back and forth constantly to clear any air under the plunger. After doing it for several rounds, the toilet will be unclogged and it is done. Turn on the water supply and you can use the toilet.

3) Use an auger to unclog the toilet

A plunger works out in most times, but if it doesn’t work out, try a toilet auger. You can get one at a store for about $30. First, put the cable in the bowl and extend it right through the throat of the bowl. Press the cable with your hands and turn the auger until the auger goes down to the drainpipe. Then press the auger a little harder so that it reaches the clog. Don’t stop pressing it until you feel a hole has been made in the clog. Thus water will flow into the sewer through the hole.

You may also need to use a plunger and an auger together. Then it will be more powerful to blast out the trash around the hole.

After unclogging the toilet, you should check the drainage of your bathtub, because they share a drainage pipe.

4) Ask a professional plumber for help

If using a plunger and an auger does not work out at all, you need to ask a professional plumber for help. Using a professional auger which goes far to the main sewage line, the plumber can remove the clog.